Thorsten Krüger, Vögel, Ornithologie

Ornithology - what started with little excursions in the fields of Thorsten's immediate surroundings quickly grew into great enthusiasm, increasing intensity and a significantly extended radius of action. Initially, the interest in the almost infinite variety of sounds, colours and forms was in the foreground, but over time questions about the biological and ecological connections became the focus of his interest. Around 1988 Thorsten began to photograph birds in the wild.
Thorsten's ornithological work focuses in general on the study of the interrelations between birds and the environment, the ecology of birds. He has dealt both with the breeding birds and with the migratory, resting or wintering bird species in Germany. Professionally - Thorsten has been working at the State Agency for Bird Conservation of the Federal State of Lower Saxony since 2002 - bird conservation is very important to him. It can only come to bear today if it stands on a solid biological foundation and hard data and facts underpin its necessity. This is what drives Thorsten.

Here, however, the professional part of ornithology and bird conservation should not be in the foreground (check out Thorsten's ResearchGate
profile), this website is primarily about the good, true and beautiful - what else?