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European Bee-eater
European Bee-eater

Bird photos can have a high aesthetic value, in addition they fulfil a documentary function in ornithology: behavioural patterns can be recorded, plumage characteristics and conditions can be depicted or occurrences of rare birds can be perfectly documented. So far about 400 of Thorsten's wildlife photos have been selected to be printed mainly in (specialist) journals, but also in national and international book titles.

In addition, they were and are used to illustrate brochures and other information, image and advertising materials, in newspapers as well as reports on ornithological topics, printed as posters and finally used for public exhibitions between the Alps (Nature Information Centre Karwendel Mountains) and Wadden Sea (various national park houses).






Contributions in monographs,



  • Shirihai & Svensson (2018): Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds
  • Alström et al. (2003): Pipits and Wagtails of Europe, Asia and North America
  • Bergmann et al. (2006): Wilde Gänse. Reisende zwischen Wildnis und Weideland
  • Flade et al. (2008): Birds and Biodiversity in Germany - 2010 Target
  • Wagner & Moning (2009): Vögel beobachten in Ostdeutschland
  • Dierschke et al. (2011): Die Vogelwelt der Insel Helgoland






Contributions in journals and reports, e.g.


  • Alula
  • Birding World
  • Birdwatch
  • British Birds
  • Limicola
  • Die Vogelwelt
  • Der Falke
  • Wadden Sea Ecosystem
  • Jahresberichte Ornithol. Arb.gem. Helgoland

Photos for posters, educational materials and advertisements, in brochures and leaflets, newspaper articles or also as basis for vector graphics for signs of nature reserves